Spirit-Tour 2014

# What is the Spirit-Tour?


I missed travelling since the last 7 years and sometimes I think of losing myself, while working and stuck into a life I don´t fit in. The Spirit-Tour in 2014 shall help me finding myself, developing my character, while travelling, meeting new people and new countries. I want another view of the world, far away from the normal tourists and sightseeing. Maybe I want to make peace with my inner self and I think this tour will help me reaching this goal.



# My goals, my mission?


My goal is clear: Seeing a lot of countries in less then 4 month. I want to travel by foot, by train, by car, by airplane also by horse or donkey if I have to. I also have to make clear that I haven´t done such things before, but everyone is starting low, so I want to give it a shoot. I have nearly no experience surviving in a foreign country, but I know my self well enough to surrender, if something goes wrong. That contains injuries, sicknesses or political problems of any kind. Nevertheless I would never forgive myself not doing this or giving up on mean causes. I don´t want to get into any trouble, I want to find myself and of course I want to learn. Furthermore I always dreamed of writing a book, making some experience I will never forget.



# Which countries I want to travel and why?


Since I am capable of thinking clearly, I was addicted to the Asian countries, especially Japan and China. I love the culture, the landscape and also the traditions and religions. Unfortunately I was never able to travel to any of the Asian countries so far and I wanne change that in an instant, seeing them nearly all at once. If it is possible, I want to stay in each country for one week but if I want to stay longer, my timetable is a bit flexible of course. I don´t want to be on the road all the time, relaxing and getting to know the country deeper is also a goal I want to reach.  


Here the list of countries in my travelling order:


Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia (not Asia, but I always wanted to go, also because someone important lives there).


I cut of Korea (political issues and to far away from south Asia) and also Japan. Japan is something very special for me, so I want to keep that adventure for a more longer and deeper trip.


But the tour in the end contains much more. In July 2014 my journey will take me to the beautiful country Mexico. Working there as a language teacher for German, I will make my experience for sure. The plan is to stay there for 6 month, but if I like it I will be there for much longer.



# Don´t think, just do it.


Someone important said this once and the time has come getting rid of thinking. I need to get up my ass, start doing. 

I know that this is quite a mission, maybe stupid at some points or dangerous. Well, I don´t care actually. I want to do that and I will do that, no matter what. My soul needs that, my body is yearning for adventures. Of course I will prepare myself wisely and well structured and if something dangerous comes along, I will surrender immediately. I don´t want to waste my life, I want to make it richer of experience. I spare you the quote: "A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do".