About me!

Thats me!
Thats me!

Dear good people,


My name is Kevin Villwock (alias nobrainsworld) and I am a 24 years old traveller from Berlin, Germany. I grow up in a small town near the capital (Ludwigsfelde), spend there most of my life so far. I love sports (Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis and Running) and making jokes. Otherwise I don´t think that I have special talents at all. I am worse at playing instruments or singing or painting...or other stuff. But in the end I am curious to see the world, getting to know people from foreign countries, seeing what life really is about. I want to learn new things and I am open-minded enough to get in contact with other cultures and styles of living. Every person is different, but if we face each other with respect and a clear and open view, we will get along for sure.


I love to read and watching movies. I am a film geek sometimes, with a collection of 200 DVD´s and a projector to get some cinema-feeling at home. I adore everything that contains Sherlock Holmes and my favourite writers are Tim Curran, Edward Lee, Jeff Green and H.P. Lovecraft. On the other hand there is my addiction to TV-shows. Dexter, Friends, Castle, Firefly, Hemlock Grove, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Vampire Diaries, ER, Dawsons Creek, Game of Thrones, etc. … oh my god I have to stop. I could watch them all the time, seriously.


I started to like the English language more than the German one. (I know my English is far away from good or perfect, but as long as you get my point I am happy with that. Of course I want to improve my language skills. English is so important.)

I am not a student as you might think. I finished Highschool in Germany in 2008. Afterwards I started my “career” in a big logistic company in Germany. At the moment I work as a freight forwarding agent, a quite boring office job. Now I know, that sitting in an office for the rest of my life would kill me instantly. I started working part-time as a bartender and found my vocation in it. I want to do that for living, but not in Germany any more. A lot of countries got my attention in the last years (Japan, Australia, China, Sweden), but I found my love in the USA and this is where I am heading for in the coming years, after receiving my green card.

Since the last three years an idea rising inside my head. I want to change myself, I want to get to know myself, cause sometimes I lost track. The life in Germany is not the life I want to have and a lot of years I was to afraid changing something. This time is over and in 2014 I will start my Spirit-Tour. I want to start a life that is suitable for me, a life that I really appreciate. I need to live with it, not others. You can give me advise, but in the end I stand for my own, making things that are good for me and my inner peace. I know that some things are important to start up a young life, that´s why I finish all my stuff in 2013, breaking free in 2014.

I started Couchsurfing (visit www.couchsurfing.org) in April 2013, in my eyes a great opportunity to get into contact with other people and cultures. Hosting and surfing is so much fun, that you really should look into that thing. It´s about helping, building up a community over hundreds of countries and deliver peace and friendship.

Accompany me, support me if possible (maybe I will sleep on your couch one day?) and if you see me somewhere in the future, wish me a bit of luck for reaching my goals. I will pray for you too, for sure. The Spirit-Tour is just the start, not the end.


Very sincerely yours, Kevin Villwock


My hometown