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please feel free to look around, even if the site is still under construction.


Well what´s this page about? It´s of course about me and my life and travelling, but also a source for open-minded people like me. Maybe I can be an inspiration for someone, if you think you lost track in life. I live now in a changing age and that´s the documentation of it. Feel free to comment, feel free to laugh or cry sometimes and also feel free to support me. Everything else will follow soon and during my trips.


This page and the trips I want to do standing for my inner self and also finding my true me.


You can also find and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and couchsurfing.org. 


Very sincerely yours, Kevin Villwock


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    the other side of dark sky (Dienstag, 14 Mai 2013 15:01)

    Yay I come here to make someone’ attention.. absolutely I wont miss the chance to be the first reader and commenter.
    Its great idea, about the sprit tour, finding yourself.. well I would like to see, how you make this big process … put every piece of life,, to make this whole shinning dream..
    Im always thinking I need to know myself more.. cause even myslef not able to tell who is the real me, who is just living for others. But importantly,, at least we should find out, what we really need, what we exactly want.. of course we cant know at the beginning… so,, the journey starts,,.. on the way to ask yourself.,, change yourself, make yourself,, to the end creation.. then it is truly you.
    No more bullshits..kkkk
    .. I come here just to give the biggest support.. (maybe a big hug if you need).. go.. go to be hurt, go to be difficult, go to be stronger, go to know life, … make your own control of life.. go to be the winner of life.
    So,, at the end,,, always no sense.. but just say it did make some senses,, whatever,, as long as we feel happy.. and satisfied.. kkkk..i don’t care. I'm amo. thank you for listening.

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    as long as you believe (Donnerstag, 16 Mai 2013 11:06)

    some people build, some people destroy, some people give, some people accept, … thats the way how new things appear.. we build new things, then destroy, then build... its the life cycle, we don't need to blame ourselves when we make some damages to sth.. because at the end you will have to start again in return.. and the long and difficult process of a new staring,, somehow will let you feel afraid to destroy again.. then this time you deserve to have.

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    now will become past (Donnerstag, 16 Mai 2013 15:26)

    Just like a snail could never climb fast because of the heavy 'house ', also like the rabbits runs so fast as they have no limits. But for human beings, the reason to be negative could be a smile you want to possess, a dream you afraid to wake up, a person you like always far away, a memory once so so sweet, a word make u uncomfortable ...true in true is just we don't have the ability to forget..never ever, that sounds sad. But I leave a smile here:)

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    never late to see the world (Samstag, 18 Mai 2013 12:40)

    I love travlling, .... its the source of inspiration :) Travel makes changes..make me fresh .. now i can see.

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    littlemove (Donnerstag, 12 September 2013 08:07)

    seems not to be updated...! work on that :)