"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

-Mark Twain



This is what this page is about, finding MY why!


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One step closer to Mexico 2014!

Hello dear good visitors!


Second entry, but just an update on my current situation.


There are some days which are very productive and there are also some days were nothing happens. Today was a productive day, cause I finished my resume for the job offer in Mexico. Three weeks ago I was asked to work there as a language teacher for the German language next year.

As you can see now I said yes and I send my resume to seal the deal!


That also means to check on the visa which is always a bit problematical but not impossible. On the same hand I really need to apply for my passport and this as soon as possible to avoid any issues for my upcoming plans.


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Under construction!

Hello dear good visitors,


please feel free to look around, even if the site is still under construction.


Well what´s this page about? It´s of course about me and my life and travelling, but also a source for open-minded people like me. Maybe I can be an inspiration for someone, if you think you lost track in life. I live now in a changing age and that´s the documentation of it. Feel free to comment, feel free to laugh or cry sometimes and also feel free to support me. Everything else will follow soon and during my trips.


This page and the trips I want to do standing for my inner self and also finding my true me.


You can also find and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and couchsurfing.org. 


Very sincerely yours, Kevin Villwock


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